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Henri La Fontaine Foundation is a recognized charity and philanthropic, philosophical, scientific, educational, cultural. His selfless mission to defend, transmission and updating the values defended by Henri La Fontaine:

Humanism, social justice, feminism, free examination and espacially pacifism.

Henri La Fontaine Foundation aims to become a permanent international reference, a foundation of the defense of human values through the creation of an international prize awarded every two years. Henri La Fontaine Prize will reward both living people as institutions, public or private bodies active contributing significantly to the defense, transmission and updating the values that founded the existence and Henri La Fontaine course.

The Henri La Fontaine Prize – Nobel Peace Prize in 1913 - will be awarded every two years by an international jury. The prize amount is set at 10,000 euros.

Our approach focuses on a specific request; enhance our Foundation for your support as an adherent member. The minimum annual contribution of 50 euros per year. As member you will be invited to all activities organized by the Foundation (2 permanent seats). This contribution is to be paid to the benefit of IBAN account : BE68126203968034  with your name / first name / address port.

For questions regarding your participation in the Foundation as ordinator, please contact us via