Honour President / Stéphane Hessel

Stéphane Hessel was born in Berlin in 1917. Son of writer Franz Hessel and Helen Gründ, which form with Henri-Pierre Roché the famous trio of Jules and Jim, the child follows his parents in Paris in 1924 and prefer to stay there while his brother and his father joined Germany. It becomes Normale.

French naturalized before the war. As of June 40, he tries to reach London without success. There will succeed in 1941 where he joined Charles de Gaulle. It will be part of the BRCA. Organizer of the Greco mission is to organize radio coverage throughout the French territory for landing. He was arrested in July 1944 and was deported to Buchenwald and Dora. After the war, Hessel joined the new UN as a diplomat. He finds ways of his vocation: to participate in building a new world in the most strategic place. Tracing the history of the Organization, he emphasized the enthusiasm of the editors of the San Francisco text that had taken the risk to inscribe the mission for the United Nations to draft a Charter of Human Rights, far exceeding the objectives of the League of Nations and all previous forms of international cooperation. He was appointed ambassador in 1981.