Henri La Fontaine Prize 2012 - Austrian Centre of Philosophy for Children

Daniela Camhy, Stéphane Hessel & the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo

04.12.12 - The Austrian Daniela Camhy became the first winner of the Henri La Fontaine Prize for Humanism. Belgian Senate conducted under the sponsorship of Stéphane Hessel, Ambassador of France in the presence of many other personalities including Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, the ceremony was an opportunity to honor the Austrian Centre of Philosophy for Children, winner Award (see article Vif L'Express on this).
The prize, worth 10,000 euros, was awarded to Daniela Camhy, philosophy professor at the University of Graz Karl Fransen (south-eastern Austria), who heads the association. According to the association lighthouse, Belgian center of Philosophy for Children, which had nominated the Austrian Centre for the price, its activities correspond to the ideal pacifist and humanist Henri La Fontaine. Created by the American philosopher and pedagogue Matthew Lipman (1922-2010), philosophy for children is an educational practice that seeks to develop reflective thinking, creative and critical children.
In its center, Daniela Camhy works mainly with young immigrant. It leads to learning of philosophical reflection, construction of a thought.

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